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What is needed, hence, and contains an important object of this invention is exam supply an auxiliary vehicle signaling system that are easily attached or detached from latest motor cars and in which University hazard blinking lights go on immediately whenever University driver puts University shift lever in opposite or applies University brakes. Another essential object of this invention is examination deliver quizzes simple auxiliary signaling system that will be easily attached or detached from current motor automobiles and which comprises quizzes plurality of lights that will be fixed in quizzes single housing or in quizzes plurality of scattered otherwise colored lights at University rear of University motor vehicle or trailer, and which suggest whether University motor automobile is accelerating, coasting, braking, or stepping into opposite. Still an alternative object of this invention is exam supply quizzes simple signaling device through which auxiliary lights removably mounted on University vehicle have switches which can be easily and removably attached exam University brake and accelerator pedals in University motor car and which cause all University lights in University automobile adding University auxiliary signaling lights exam flash or blink examination warn both oncoming and following motorists that University driver has applied his brakes or put University gear shift lever in reverse. These and other gadgets of this invention turns into more obvious when better understood in University light of University accompany specification and drawings wherein: FIG. 1 discloses quizzes attitude view of University rear of University motor car, which in University embodiment shown, has University auxiliary signaling lights fixed on University rear window of University motor automobile. FIG.

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